Crusaders against HIV/AIDS



Crusaders against HIV/AIDS


Mission Statement: The World Mission Aids Initiative Nigeria and World Mission Foundation, Inc. organization are dedicated to saving and improving the lives of the most disadvantaged infants, children and adolescents in the underserved areas of Nigeria. World Mission Foundation, Inc. exists as an advocate for children and adolescents to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and to enable them to become responsible and independent adults. World Mission Foundation, is also big on enlightening, orientating, educating and sensitizing children, young adults, parents, the communities and people of interest about A.I.D.S.

World Mission Foundation, Inc. and World Mission AIDS Initiative Nigeria were established on November 22, 2002, as a nonprofit organization to provide complete quality care and comprehensive, independent, self-sustaining rehabilitation programs for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Imo State, Nigeria, and other countries in need of help. In the past year World Mission Aids Initiative (WMAIN) and World Mission Foundation (WMF) accomplishments have included but not been limited to the following:

  1. Training -of -Trainers Program for people living with the HIV virus, training volunteers and college students so they may educate themselves and others about HIV/AIDS and how to teach people who in hard to reach areas.
  2. Coordinating support groups utilizing persons living with HIV/AIDS to provide supportive services to home bound patients and those who are hospitalized.
  3. Providing peer support training services.
  4. Educating the local organizations, schools and local heads/chiefs about HIV/AIDS
  5. Conducting youth/adult forums about HIV/AIDS
  6. Distribution of materials in various languages and dialects to persons in the hinterland and villages.
  7. Campaigns to influence behavioral changes, especially among populations with high risks of infection.
  8. Distribution of condoms.
  9. Provision of anti retroviral drugs and drugs for opportunistic infections.
  10. Provision of materials such as computers, fax machines, beds, mattresses, sewing machines, etc., to facilitate the rehabilitation of PLWHA.
  11. Training of PLWHA to serve as counselors.
  12. Providing Nutritional Care for PLWHA.
  13. Collaborating with relevant health institutions to provide clinical care for PLWHA.

In August 2002, three months before the formal founding, WMF began informal operations in the areas of awareness, education and distribution of condoms in the rural and urban districts of Nigeria through the support of its founding President, Anthony Chima from its WMAIN and WMF's New York Headquarters.

More than 3000 HIV/AIDS sufferers are depending on WMAIN and WMF for support and care in Nigeria. They have been encouraged that life can still be meaningful and normal in spite of their handicap. They are hopeful that their life expectancy will be enhanced and, through WMF, that society's negative prejudices will change toward them and that they will have access to medical treatment.

The Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Education, Abstinence, Prevention
and Behavior Modification Network

The Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Education, Abstinence, Prevention and Behavior Modification Network or the Network to be coordinated by World Mission Foundation, Inc., would constitute a broad-based U.S. and Nigeria group of institutions and individuals that come together to develop a shared vision for improving comprehensive services for people at risk to contract HIV/AIDS, particularly orphaned and street children in select underserved regions of Nigeria through:

  • Identifying and filling gaps in services.
  • Improving coordination of existing services.
  • Providing outreach and education to government agencies, parents, the public at large, providers and prospective donors.

The proposed Network currently has the support of more than 30 of organizations representing current service providers for children in Nigeria. The World Mission Foundation, Inc. would convene the Network and coordinate its staff and the project activities of the Network's membership.

The World Mission Aids Initiative and World Mission Foundation, Inc., through focus-group meetings with the current supporters and others interested in participating, have identified four objectives that would fulfill the statement of intent and for this RFP and the organization's self-imposed program goals to establish a Network that spans the United States and Nigeria to acquire pertinent resources. Those objectives are:

  1. To establish and sustain a Network that is representative of Nigeria and the United States and that shares and supports a vision of improved services and access to HIV/AIDS education, abstinence and behavioral modification.
  2. To identify states in Nigeria that are underserved and to help set priorities in service needs and service gaps for the three target groups of children at risk and their families.
  3. To develop a children-at-risk for HIV/AIDS service system improvement plan in targeted areas of Nigeria.
  4. To design the implementation phase of the children-at-risk service improvement plan, including performance measures.
  5. World Mission AIDS Initiative Nigeria and World Mission Foundation, Inc. and the initial group of more than 30 supporters also identified several potential barriers that could impede diffusion of HIV/AIDS children-at-risk service system improvement promotion and strategies with respect to target populations in the selected geographic areas of the Nigeria. Those potential barriers include: fgdg
  1. Issues of scale and complexity.
  2. Adaptation of system improvement promotion strategies to a country—the targeted populations of at risk youth—that lacks its own institutional infrastructure.
  3. Linguistic and cultural diversity.
  4. Competing problems.
  5. The role, scope and efficacy of evaluation.
  6. Sustainability of the program in a poor country.

World Mission Foundation, Inc. through its member Network will develop strategies to address these obstacles by:

  1. Clearly defining, limiting and segmenting target population groups at risk.
  2. Developing and building requisite program infrastructure.
  3. Incorporating bilingual and multicultural input in program design and implementation.
  4. Legitimizing the program from the perspective of citizens, government officials, NGOs with competing problems and lifestyle issues.
  5. Setting realistic expectations and developing appropriate methods of outcome measurement.
  6. Emphasizing the most effective methods of communication channels to reach the largest number of target cooperating organizations, sectors and government agency officials and children-at-risk.

Presented and documented by Anthony Chima, MA,CASAC, World Mission Foundation & World Mission AIDS Initiative Nigeria.

Contact information:
3412 Hunter Avenue, Bronx NY 10475, USA.
E-mail: worldmissionf@aol.com
Phone #: 917-855-3507
Website: worldmissionfoundation.org

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